It's A Girl

Yesterday Magic Man and I had our 20 week ultrasound and found out we are the proud parents to be of a little girl. I won't say I was hoping for a boy but I did have a hunch, as did everyone else in the Western hemisphere, that it was a boy. When the lovely tech said it was a girl I almost started to cry. Not out of sadness but out of... well... out of the fact I'm crazy. This was one more plan I had that was shaken up.


We're having a little girl. And we will raise her to be strong and confident and ambitious and passionate and kind. She will never have a doubt that she is loved or beautiful. She will reap from me all the knowledge I've gained over the years of what it means to be a woman and all the knowledge I continue to gather. From her father she will learn that she is worthy of the moon and any man who will give her less is not worth her time.

I am scared to death of raising a girl: tea parties, nail painting, and let's not even get started on adolescence which was none too kind to me. More than frightened, though, I am excited for her to join me on my journey and for me to be a part of hers.


  1. She's one lucky girl! (O: You are beautiful Toni, and I love reading your musings and reflections.

  2. Congrats on the little girl! I am going to do a story on my blog about our Pink or Blue party one of these days...basically, I wanted a boy SO badly (always wanted 2 boys, already had one) and we decided to do it up the fun way with a Pink or Blue party. Cut into the cake, and the mix was pink. I started crying, not out of disappointment, but b/c...like you said, "I'm crazy." Then we double-checked with the envelope that the ultrasound tech gave us...it was a boy. We started crying with laughter, and you can hear my hubs say on the video, "Good. I didn't want a girl." Hilarious. Anyway, congrats on your little girl! We now have two little boys--but both boys and girls are HUGE BLESSINGS!!